Continuing Education

Expertise must be continually nurtured and cultivated. SUPERSTRUCTURES is a nexus of education in the art and science of restoration.

At our on-site training center we regularly host training sessions and seminars for staff and clients, including demonstrations and presentations from expert practitioners. We have covered a range of topics that includes cleaning, testing and evaluation of steel, concrete, brick, copper, cast stone, silicone sealants, roofing, stucco systems, and terra cotta.

SUPERSTRUCTURES is an AIA registered provider of Continuing Education Units (CEU's) required for registered professionals in the State of New York. In the four years of the program's existence, representatives of more than 100 organizations have earned over 2000 CEU's.

Beyond our internal programs, each employee participates in outside seminars and convocations sponsored by industry organizations. In many cases, we act as presenters and speakers at these events.