Structural Health Monitoring


We can monitor (either on-site or remotely) the health and behavior of a building or structure through design and installation of a network of advanced sensors and data acquisition devices. These sensor networks provide real time feedback on important structural changes like stress and strain, excessive vibration, width of an existing crack, or inclination of a parapet. Using internet and cellular technology, salient data may be transmitted to our office for remote analysis, and if necessary, remedial action.

Our monitoring networks incorporate off the shelf components, as well as proprietary devices featuring advances in sensor, power supply and communications technology. Our patent-pending devices are compact and totally self contained. They can be easily deployed throughout a building or structure, with minimal visual impact, and minus the inconvenience of unsightly wiring.

The information provided by a monitoring network allows repairs to be made in a timely and targeted fashion In-situ NDT&E and materials laboratory testing are integrated into our diverse projects and are available as an independent resource to the broader community.