Masonry Testing

We provide, in conformance with applicable listed standards, testing of existing building components and materials, including:

Brick, Stone, and/or Terra Cotta Construction

Deficiency Detection in building facades:

  • Infrared Thermography to detect patterns of differential heating, indicating potential voids or water retention (following ASTM C1060).
  • Detection of Corroded Ferrous Anchors/Wall Ties using the mass magnetic probe technique (non-destructive).
  • Missing Grout Detection in CMU using ground penetrating radar (ASTM D6432).
  • Delamination/Void Detection in masonry and/or stone using impact-echo (ASTM C1383).
  • Visual Inspection of Internal Concealed Conditions using a fiber optic borescope and high intensity light source.

    Characterization of building facades:
  • Detection of Concealed Ferrous Anchors/Wall Ties using a pachometer (following ASTM D7046).
  • Depth/Thickness of masonry and/or stone using impact-echo (ASTM C1383).
  • Hardness Characterization of mortar using rebound hammer (RILEM MS-D.7).
  • Surface Water Absorption using a "RILEM Tube" (RILEM II.4).

Materials testing of samples:

  • Absorption and/or Saturation Coefficient (ASTM C67) of brick.
  • Absorption (ASTM C97) of dimension stone.
  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate (ASTM E96) of stone.
  • Identification of stone.
  • Identification and Quantification of salts.
  • Gravimetric Analysis of mortar to characterize the mix and separate aggregate.
  • Mortar Replication and/or Sand Selection.

 Test List (PDF)