Cleaning and Other Testing

We provide, in conformance with applicable listed standards, testing of existing building components and materials, including:

Stucco and/or Plaster

Deficiency Detection and Characterization of construction:

  • Infrared Thermography to detect patterns of differential heating, indicating potential voids or water retention (ASTM C1060).
  • Visual Inspection of Internal Concealed Conditions using a fiber optic borescope and high intensity light source.
  • Patch Detection using an ultraviolet lamp to create fluorescent patterns.
  • Detection of Concealed Ferrous Anchors/Wall Ties using a pachometer (following ASTM D7046).

Materials testing of samples:

  • Gravimetric Analysis and wet-chemical techniques of stucco to characterize mixes and aggregates.
  • Stucco Replication and/or Sand Selection.
  • Characterization of plaster.


Construction Administration testing:

  • Pull-Off Strength Measurement using a portable adhesion tester (ASTM D4541).
  • Coating Thickness Measurement of coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous metals using a non-destructive gage (ASTM E376).

Cleaning / Coatings Removal in-situ:

  • Removal Tests for paint, graffiti and coatings.
  • Specification and Monitoring of Cleaning of sample portions of the building facade in order to identify the most appropriate cleaning method consistent with minimal abrasion and environmental impact.

Coatings and Consolidation Testing (before and after treatment):

  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate (ASTM E96).
  • Absorption (ASTM C67) of stone.
  • Microscopic Examination and Identification of painted, clear, and metallic finishes.
  • Color Matching of paint to Munsell and commercial systems.

 Test List (PDF)