Test Program Design

  • What information is needed? 
  • With what accuracy?
  • Which methods or techniques will fulfill those needs?
  • What decision will be taken depending on the test results?

The answers to these questions may result in the proposal of a single test or process, a set of complementary testing, or a sequence of investigative tests. Testing may be non-destructive, minimally destructive, or involve removal of samples for laboratory testing. Results may be field marking, graphic or statistical data, or an evaluation report.

Unlike single-service testing agencies, we will propose a test program that meets your requirements and your budget and is appropriate to your structure. We are data-oriented and will base our test program on your specific needs. Sometimes that means triangulation of data from multiple technologies and methods, and sometimes that means a single technology and method – and not necessarily the one someone else is always trying to sell you.

(The four questions above have been adapted from a published project on the utility of multiple testing, conducted by a consortium of 14 research partners from 6 European countries.)