Pioneers in R&D

Innovative testing protocols and procedures are constantly being introduced, offering advantages in accuracy and precision. Sometimes a new test is perfect for a 300-year-old monument. We relentlessly seek out and apply the latest proven test methodologies on behalf of our clients and their projects.

Our full time research and development (R&D) effort keeps us at the forefront of developing technologies. We maintain two dedicated laboratories in which we construct prototypes of devices, and conduct trials of new techniques and methods.

Our in-house NDT&E laboratory includes an electronics laboratory for building prototype devices and various setups for testing equipment and analyzing procedures. Areas of research include structural health monitoring using wireless remote monitoring sensors, new applications of active thermography, and new leak detection techniques.

Our in-house Materials Testing Laboratory is equipped for ASTM standard services as well as research on the characteristics and performance of building materials, products, and processes. Areas of research include the effectiveness and appropriateness of cleaning and consolidation products and long-term environmental effects on conservation materials. 

A dedicated R&D capability is highly unusual for a conventional professional firm, but it's consistent with our commitment to advancement of the profession. Our efforts have been recognized by the National Science Foundation, which has awarded us grants to underwrite our research.

Although our work is primarily local, our reputation is international. We've hosted delegations of construction professionals from as far away as Japan, who have been attracted by our reputation for advanced technology and systems. They learn from us, and we learn from them, so that our clients benefit from the best that the world has to offer.