About Us

SUPERSTRUCTURES Testing+Evaluation is integral to the overall mission of SUPERSTRUCTURES’ dedication to the preservation of buildings and infrastructure. Initiated to advance quality and service to our existing clients, it is has blossomed by providing a full range of Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation (NDT&E) and Materials Testing Laboratory services, and independent consultations to our colleague engineering and architecture firms, as well as directly to building owners and contractors. Our goals are to assist you in solving your problems and helping you impress, persuade, and keep your clients.

Our work embraces building structures, infrastructure, facades, roofs, windows, plazas, and garages, and the full complement of materials – from landmark terra cotta to reinforced concrete to high performance curtain wall systems.

If you would also like to avail yourself of the expertise of SUPERSTRUCTURES for your restoration and repair project, please visit our full-service website by clicking here.